Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Weekend Post

I felt like popping in for a second even though it's Saturday and I'm not posting a recipe. On Thursday morning, I decided that I wanted to make a heavy Italian meal and showed up to Whole Foods armed with a long list of ingredients. To my surprise, I walked in the doors to find a huge display of heirloom tomatoes on "special." I LOVE heirloom tomatoes and was surprised to see them because I thought they were out of season. But these looked beautiful AND they were on sale. Knowing that they don't usually last long enough to buy and save, I walked on past them until I hit a display of live basil. The smell of basil is absolutely intoxicating to me. I knew that was it and I had to make a Caprese salad for dinner and immediately went to find the fresh mozzarella. My poor shopping list got crumpled up and tossed out. Then, I headed to the bakery to pick out a crusty bread to dip in olive oil to go along with the salad. Yes, I am a carb-fiend and can't seem to go without something a little naughty as part of my meal. This dinner didn't require any cooking but was quite satisfying! We enjoyed it with an Italian wine, Vasco Sassetti Rosso di Montalcino. Ever since our trip to Italy, I've been getting into the Italian wines more and more. Of course in Italy, it is easy to do that since you can order a bottle for the same price you would get a glass here.

Please excuse the mismatched tableware :-).

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