Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wine and Wine

No recipes today but I might have one to share tomorrow. I'm making peach ketchup to go with some cheddar-stuffed burgers. Mmm...

But I did have two more of my wines. I've been forgetting to post about the wines that I drink lately. (Don't think that just because I didn't post means I took a break from the wine.)

We opened another one of our bottles from the Sonoma trip, Robert Young Merlot. No, I haven't finished all those wines yet. See Mom, I really don't drink THAT much. It was a really nice red and went well with our pasta. I don't buy Merlot too often. I used to drink them fairly often towards the end of my college years. However, a well-known movie, Sideways , came out shortly after and ruined it for me and many other winos. This is the movie that made it uncool to drink Merlot. Sadly, I was too embarrassed to continue my love affair with the drink. But now that I'm too old to care, I can enjoy it every now and again. So if you are still down with Merlot, this is a good one.

Another California wine...Muir Wood Chardonnay. I liked it but it was a tad sweeter than I usually like for my Chardonnays. It'd be a nice wine to drink on the porch but not so much a dinner wine.

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