Friday, July 29, 2011

Barbecue Sauce

Barbecue can be a big deal depending on where you live in this country. A few places known for their BBQ: Georgia (of course), North Carolina, Kansas City, Memphis, and Texas. It seems like most barbecue fanatics have their own preferences on their sauce (which may be the most important part.) Some like them sweet, some tangy, some with a kick-your-ass hotness, etc. I'm not sure I've find my favorite style because it really depends on my mood. In fact, I like to have a selection in front of me so that each bite gets a different flavor. Maybe that's not normal?

With the slow cooked pork I made the other night, I set up my usual selection of sauces. I wanted to share because these three are really good ones if you are looking for a recommendation. Not pictured but also good...Williamson Brothers Original Sauce.

Big Al's Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce (Tangy and Sweet), Smack Yo Mama Death Wish Sauce (Spicy), Sticky Fingers Habanero Hot (Spicy)

What's your favorite?

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Janet said...

I have not tried any of those sauces, but my favorite is Williamson Bros. I agree the original is the best, but give the honey BBQ sauce a try, it's very good on chicken.
I love your blog!